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Samsung Omnia W

Adding to the line of Samsung’s Windows phone smartphones is the Samsung Omnia W. If you have been keeping to up to date with the new phones released in the US then you might have mistaken this phone for AT&T’s Samsung Focus Flash as they look the same if not for some minor differences. Given that this is a mid-range smartphone the specs are therefore not your dual core processors or your giant sized screens but rather a decent offering. So would this Samsung Focus Flash look alike be able to woo the crowd just like its US counterpart? Let’s find out.



Samsung Omnia W measures in at 4.57 x 2.31 x 0.43 inches and with these dimensions it really proves to be another one of Samsung’s compact and slim phones. Tipping the scales at just 115 grams even with the cool looking metal element on the back cover, this phone is definitely one of the lighter phones out there. Thanks to its size and also the tapered edges on the phone, you will be able to handle the Samsung Omnia W with just one hand with ease. Of late we have been flooded with Windows Phone operated Samsung phones that have the Super AMOLED Plus screen. However, the Samsung Omnia W sports a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED screen making it a little different from the rest of the pack. The three customary Windows Phone navigational keys are found under the screen with the Home button made to be a physical one.

It is common practice among phone manufacturers to let the camera interface to do the job rather than providing a dedicated camera button for snapping pictures. Nevertheless, with the Samsung Omnia W, you will find a dedicated camera key on the right side of the phone. Completing the right side is the power button. Meanwhile, on the left side sits the volume rocker while on top is your standard audio jack. At the bottom is the microUSB port. Turn the phone around and on the back is your 5MP camera which comes with LED flash.



As stated earlier, this is no high end phone, so you can forget about that dual-core processor or anything of the like. Nevertheless, the Samsung Omnia W has a 1.4GHz single-core CPU that is more than adequate to do the job. You need to test it to believe it as we were amazed as well that we experienced such smooth navigation on this phone. The response you get from every click is simply brilliant.

Samsung Omnia W runs on the Windows Phone Mango which means there is a lot to love about this phone. For starters, you can perform multitasking, get deeper integration for your social network accounts and also get Internet Explorer 9 out of the box. Just like switching between tabs on a web browser, you can now change between apps just as easily on this phone. All you have to do is hold down the Back button and in your screen you will see a snapshot of all the running applications arranged side-by-side and from here you are free to jump to the application that you wish to use. Jumping between Windows app are a breeze but sadly Windows still has not fixed the lag issues that you face when you want to jump to a third-party software when using this feature.

People hub has not only maintained the previous feature of showing all the recent social networking updates from a contact but it has not added this thing called the History tab. What this tab does is that it compiles your previous communications with that contact, be it emails or calls or anything else for that matter. Some may say that using a virtual keyboard on a 3.7 inch screen might be a pain, but with the Samsung Omnia W, things are different. The keyboard is designed to be simple but at the same time effective in getting the job done.

The Samsung Omnia W sports a 3.7 inch Super AMOLED display and it offers a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels which as a result churns out a very decent 252ppi pixel density. The screen also performs well outdoors as it is bright enough. The colors are well saturated and it produces some sharp images too. Sadly though, since it is using the PenTile matrix, you find that there is some effect on the screen’s sharpness. We also get the pitch blacks and high contrast that we are used to getting from AMOLED screens. The viewing angles were also great making this one complete package.


They say numbers aren’t always the best indicator but is that the case with Samsung Omnia W’s 5MP camera? Truth be told, it is definitely not an 8MP shooter but it does a pretty good job if you ask us. The amount of detail you get from your pictures was good and you also don’t get too much digital noise in your photos. However, it’s not all rosy as there was in issue with moving objects as they appeared a little blurred. The LED flash which also doubles as the video light actually does a decent job in lighting up your pictures enabling us to get some good details from the camera. The camcorder records at 720p HD resolutions at a rate of 30fps. The results obtained had good details and we liked the fact that there were some preset scene modes for you to choose from too.

Browsing the internet was fund with the Internet Explorer 9 mobile browser as things loaded in a jiffy always. All you navigational functions like zooming and panning around the page felt smooth and easy to do. However, there is still no support for Flash. The available connectivity options on the Samsung Omnia W are Wi-Fi, Blueetooth and A-GPS. Sadly though there is no HDMI port to allow you to connect to larger screens.

Call quality on the Samsung Omnia W was also quite good as the voices sound loud and clear on both ends with just a little bit of digitizing that may actually go unnoticed too. Onboard this phone is a 1500mAh battery to provide all the juice this baby needs. It is a decent offering and it will take you through a day with average use.

Pros and Cons


The Samsung Omnia W is a compact and lightweight phone that is bound to be loved by many. The phone also is very fast and smooth in operation plus it has some good in-call audio quality.

The major downer with this phone is the inability to expand storage.


Albeit being a mid range phone, in our opinion the Samsung Omnia W is a truly good phone that does the job with amazing speeds. Given it’s affordable price tag, this in one solid phone.

HTC Wildfire



HTC is taking on the mid-end Android range with the Wildfire, but there’s nothing especially wild or fiery about it. Compared to most of the company’s Android handsets, it comes with a smaller screen with trivial resolution and a low-end CPU. While it won’t move technological mountains, it certainly looks good. Let us see what else it has to offer and our final thoughts on this new smartphone by HTC.



The handset tries on a more squarish shape, which is pleasant to look at and comfortable to hold. The weight is also just right so as not to feel like a toy.
The Wildfire’s 3.2” screen comes with a 240×320 pixels QVGA resolution, which is more commonly seen in cheap 2.8” types. At 3.2”, the pixel density almost lets you count the individual pixels which are not an exaggeration. The legibility and viewing angles are also bad under the sun unless the brightness settings are maxed. However, the screen supports up to 16M colours and is capacitive with multi-touch, which can be the only difference that matters.

Below the Wildfire’s screen are the four Android buttons in capacitive touch form, backlit in white. The buttons have haptic feedback if the option is selected. The trademark optical track pad from HTC also serves as a camera button. The ear speaker above the screen is a nice design decision and is quite similar to what we’ve seen on the Desire. Below the speaker lies the proximity sensor and the notification LED.

The power/lock button is located on the top right, while on the top left is the standard 3.5mm audio jack. The left side houses the volume up/down controller and the microUSB port that comes without a plastic flap. The keys are chromed and have a nice click.

The HTC Wildfire contains a 5MP camera with LED flash where the lens is slightly elevated above the back cover and it looks like a design flaw where the camera is bound to get some scratches. The back looks like the HTC Desire, with a wide strip of plastic with brushed metallic looks running across it. It also comes in 3 different colours; white, brown and red but I personally feel that the fiery red is the best colour available for this smartphone.



The HTC Sense doesn’t work as well as it should be here as the pixels look pretty stretched. While the HTC Desire had live wallpapers with the latest Sense UI, thanks to Android 2.1, but they are unavailable on the Wildfire most probably because HTC wisely decided that it might choke the slower 528MHz Qualcomm processor, and removed them. The interface is actually quite smooth seeing as the CPU speed combined with the 384MB RAM is sufficient for the Sense UI. The HTC Sense UI revolves around Scenes, which are six custom home screens setups such as Work, Travel, Social & etc.They are easily accessible on the HTC Wildfire with the usual home screen pinch-in with two fingers. Different scenes change the wallpaper and the widgets on the home screen whereby the Work scene contains a stocks widget while the Social offers a Facebook widget.

The screen reaction to the accelerometer is quite slow. The HTC Wildfire has the usual assortment of connectivity options you seem to find on smartphones lately, namely HSDPA 7.2Mbps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio and AGPS.

The browser was quite a let-down because even though they load quickly and render properly, the browser tends to lag and ends up bring choppy. Double-tapping to zoom moves normally and once zoomed in, scrolling becomes somewhat fluid again. There was a scroll lag in documents, opened in the preinstalled QuickOffice suite, but this should be because of the slow CPU.

Most outdoor photos tend to come out blurry; however, the touch-to-focus feature should be able to get you a more normal result in close-up shots. Most scenes though will still lack detail. Another thing to worry about with the Wildfire’s 5MP camera is its colour representation. The outdoor shots that feature a good deal of sky tends to get their white balance mixed, ending up with a bluish tint.

The MPEG-4 video recording mode can only reach CIF (352×288 pixels) resolution, which means subpar quality and the slow 15fps capture rate doesn’t help. Lastly, the videos are also suffering from the bluish tint.

Music listening was acceptable with the supplied headset is better experience, although a lot of the ambient noise could still be heard.

The gallery interface and options aren’t much different from the recent Sense UI ones and the Wildfire has the annoying habit to search for media each time you enter it. The handset was able to play our MPEG-4 videos up to 800×480 pixels resolution.

The incoming call volume was acceptable and the voice quality was also satisfactory. There are no video calls available on the HTC Wildfire as there isn’t any front-facing camera and the application to use the primary one isn’t preinstalled. The loudspeaker is of average quality and sounds tinny and hollow.

The default 1300mAh battery is rated to clock in a minimum 8 hours of talk time even in 3G mode, which is great for an Android handset.

Pros and Cons

The pros are its interesting design and solid build quality while being affordable. Its great battery life is also an added advantage.

However, the poor camera quality along with its Sense UI that doesn’t look good on low pixel densities combined with the scroll lag in the browser may make some think twice.



The screen seems to be where most of the cost-cutting has been done on the Wildfire. This doesn’t seem like a particularly smart move as the touchscreen is almost all you look at and use. Having such a relatively large yet low-res screen creates a rather contrasting effect for the whole user experience; even more so with the fairly slow processor. If we didn’t have these bad impressions with the camera quality, the HTC Wildfire would be a decent smartphone to be recommended for inexpensive introduction to the world of Android touchscreen phones. The Wildfire truly fits perfectly in HTC’s Android lineup. It’s not the cheapest Android out there and it has its faults but it seems as the cheapest and fastest route to Android 2.1. We don’t think it will be a viable upgrade for any of the Hero, Tattoo or Magic users though.

Is the Blackberry Bold 9700 from the Sexy Suited or the suits?

This is the principle behind many of the Research In Motionâ been? S (RIM) Smart Phones for many years. RIM is the maker of the Blackberry family of mobile and smart phones. This is probably the biggest reason why the corporate world, it attracts Blackberrys from other brands on the market.


But that will change with the introduction of the Blackberry Bold 9700th It sports a form factor that is unprecedented and in competition with other  brands while maintaining the properties for the Blackberry smartphones.known

This is a looker. It retains a few quirks of the original Bold, known stand-out as a character, and adds a few extras to give it a better appearance. First, it is made more compact, weighing only 89 grams and 109 mm in length, 60 mm in width and a depth of 14.1 mm. Definitely more manageable with only a pocket or small handbag.

The metal gray line around the edges that are actually made of plastic, is a metal-like brilliance and makes a more sophisticated look. The leather back, which is unusual for smartphones is still there today, but combined with modern elements of plastic and metal with the model name emblazoned across the top BOLD.The QWERTY-type back-lit keyboard is great for messaging and makes data entry much easier, especially for those who use email a lot. It has buttons and a comfortable and very accommodating dedicated trackpad for easy navigation. The change of the trackball on the trackpad also added to the leaner look by eliminating the effect of the bulge trackball.also sports a high resolution display for a vivid and realistic viewing experience. The 2.44â? Wide screen monitors up to 65,000 colors at 480 x 360 pixel color display. This is ideal for entertaining and watching videos, though the small screen to the optimization of your video experience.

Blackberry Bold 9700

A recent study showed that hinder most Blackberry users are men, while more iPhone users are women. While the iPhone comes about as a perfect accessory for the fashion conscious, the Blackberry has become synonymous with power dressing. But with the improved appearance of the new Bold, and its high functionality, we wonâ? T surprised to drag people in designer clothes and seeing his Blackberry Bold. For those who are caught up in suits, it is useful to see harm than flirting with a handsome Balckberry.

Apple Tablet PC market dominated become. The price of newly released Kindle Fire 7-inch Tablet PC is only 199 dollars. Although it still does not compare to iPad, it has already become a potential killer iPad.

judge its configuration, without a camera, integrated GPS, and 8G memory, half of them by iPad, discussions can fire only half the points of the iPad. Unlike software, it is only with the basic ones, which provided no means to compare it with Android. However, all those who are not so important.

Amazon has not indicated whether to ban the use of other e-book apps on Fire, like Hulu and Samsung. The Kindle has adopted a series of specific and relatively conservative strategy, and it is difficult to say whether his strategy is better or Android open.

Blackberry Bold 9700 -2

to toe in a market with 10-inch tablet laptop top is set busy, Kindle the fire of competition not only with new 10-inch models, but also previous ones faced 7 inches. In addition, Steve Jobs took the view that such products is doomed to failure, a mistake as soon as they are launched. Fire and Kindle is such a product. But a few weeks ago, when TouchPad was cleaned at 99 dollars, so it seemed that the price was very important factor, and Kindle is the use of low price. In fact, the costs for the latest model of the Kindle is far less than that of an iPad. Kindle fire is at only 199 dollars, while iPad set to 499. This means that mainstream consumers to make a comparison, and a wise choice for their needs and financial status. Kindle fire is not satisfactory enough in terms of hardware and software, but most people with tablet PC is not for video chats and make their films. Our mobile phones are usually equipped with GPS and Bluetooth is not no big thing today. So basically, fire is igniting economical and offer a higher price-performance ratio.

What is more, look after more than half of SMART notebook users most of its portability and they will not pay special attention to the protection. Some survey found that 35% used the Tablet PC users out in the bathroom. In this case, low price guarantee product will receive more popularity as a high-end ones. So they are half the price has already won the war, and the next step should be to open a new market.

List of 2016 most affordable Samsung smartphones in Kenya

Ideally, if you are buying a Samsung smartphone in Kenya, I will assume that you will consider going for one which is economical. There are two different individuals who will walk into a stall or a shop to buy a smartphone. One of them is the one who either needs an upgrade or needs a new phone. This individual must have saved the money for some time in order to get the amount that will give them their dream phone. This one does not need to settle for less, they will settle for the phone that they have been saving for. I assume that no one will save money without having the goal of what they want to buy in mind. The second individual is a victim of a lost phone or a stolen phone. This is the desperate kind and we have a lot of people who fall in this category in Kenya.

Either way, this piece will give you a clue of what to get when you want to buy a smartphone. The second group of individuals will benefit greatly as a lost phone will not give you time to make a proper budget and more often than not you end up with a substandard smartphone.  I will take you through some of the best Samsung phones in Kenya and their prices. I have selected some of the cheapest in the market to ensure that you will not miss out on any deal.


Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 retails at around KSh 11, 000 and is found on Kilimall, Jumia or Rupu. Before you start saying that the price is high, I want to remind you that it is the Samsung smartphone that we are talking about. It is a phone that has managed to make a name for itself in Kenya and has become a giant in the smartphone industry. It quality is unbeatable and you don’t just get to walk with a phone, you walk with a brand that demands respect. The Samsung Galaxy J1 has a display size of 4.3 inches which makes it very comfortable to handle. It runs on the 4.4 KitKat Android version which might not be the latest but very workable before you get another option that you will have planned for. A RAM of 512MB works very well with the Android version of this phone making it efficient as you use your apps. It is not the perfect phone in terms of speed but it is the best if you are using for a short period of time. The Samsung Galaxy J1 saves most Kenyans the cost of buying an external memory card as it comes with a 4GB internal memory capacity that will be ideal for saving most of your documents.  A 5MP back camera and 2MP front camera gives you some good images. Far much better than what you would get in most substandard smartphones that you might consider buying. The problem is the fact that some of these substandard smartphones will cost you so much in terms of having to always repair and getting a low quality smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini

Samsung Galaxy J1 mini has a price of around KSh 9,000 that makes it affordable to most people and the perfect phone that would work for you in case you need a plan B if you lose your smartphone. The best thing is that it is accessible in most of the online platforms thus you will receive it as soon as you make an order. Why I love this phone and I would recommend it to you at any day is the fact that it has a display that is very comfortable which is 4.0 inches. It runs on the 5.1 lollipop Android version which is the latest and can work with the best apps that are updated. The 1GB RAM works efficiently with the Android version making it almost impossible for your Samsung Galaxy J1 mini to hang every time that you are using it. I look at it as the perfect small smartphone that has the best in terms of the speed that it will give you. I think that the camera is awesome as it has an 8GB back camera that gives you the best images that you can have and this may not be possible when you are using other smartphones in Kenya. I think the fact that Samsung smartphones do not disappoint when it comes to giving good images will give you the confidence to buy this phone. An internal memory of 8GB will ensure that you get to save most of your documents in the gadget that you get to walk around with most of the time. My take is that this is the smartphone that will temporarily sort your problem of not having a smartphone and you may also consider using it for longer periods of time if you are not into smartphone technology.

Samsung Galaxy J2

Samsung Galaxy J2

The price of Samsung Galaxy J2 is around KSh 15,000 which I would say is quite affordable to most people. The price comes with goodies that are worth every coin that you will spend on the phone. The screen is quite larger with a 4.7 inch display which makes it great and yet comfortable to walk around with it. It runs on the 5.1.1 Android version and has a 1GB RAM, this means that you can get access to some of the most updated apps and you will not have to struggle in the event where you want to multi task. The RAM will ensure that you run your apps as smoothly as you want. Kenyans want a smartphone that has an internal memory that is large, I guess they got tired of having to buy memory cards and the Samsung Galaxy J2 gives this to them. It has an internal memory of 8GB which will store most of your documents without the need of an external memory card. The 5MP rear camera and the 2MP front camera will make it possible for you to record your most precious memories on your phone. I think it is an ideal phone that may sort you out very well before you make any other move. The design is really classy and you will fit in any group that would want to showcase their smartphones.

Which ONE to choose

With all that we have discussed above no single Kenyan has the excuse of using a substandard smartphone. With all the great deals that you can get from the Samsung brand, there would be no point of settling for something that is not of good quality. If you are one of those people who know what a good smartphone is, you may never have to settle for less anytime you are getting a new one. The wrong decision in buying a smartphone that is substandard may give you a year that will be full of regrets. The only thing that I am certain of is that the Samsung brand will never give you any form of disappointment. Samsung smartphones have been used in Kenya for the longest period than any other brand. This should tell you that there is a confidence that the public has on this brand that you may not get on any other brand in Kenya.

iPhone Development Secured Profit Sector

Thanks to the Apple iPhone has seen the size of the market for mobile applications, an exponential increase. The number of iPhone consumers is growing by leaps and bounds. This has increased the labor and the demand for iPhone developers. iPhones are selling like hotcakes and the number of sales is expected to exceed 4 million. These many users with a large base of applications designed to run on to the iPhone platform.

The approach used by the manufacturer of Apple iPhones are very unique. The company has launched an iTunes, which is an online store from which applications can be purchased. This online store has already sold more than 1 billion applications. Facilitates the Apple-registered developers to test their applications on this online shop and sell at 70% of the proceeds to the developer. Some of the prominent reasons for the iPhone development to provide a safe profit sector are as follows.


iphone all

Most developers test mobile applications and the operating system tries of the iPhone. Developers for other platforms, a bit difficult, but that can not be the case with the iPhone. It is easy to find developers for iPhone apps. This gives the buyer the capabilities and the charges of the application developers compare
wide range of applications.

click on the iTunes online store to browse the categories and the show is that it offers many kinds of applications. The variety is offered safely that baff. Almost every type of application is on this online shop. The range of applications is almost everything, including games, currency converter, and even business applications to run effectively and efficiently meant

Return on Investment

When a developer develops an application and put on sale through the iTunes online store, it is safe to be sold. Some or the other person would have to look for this type of application. Once the application is purchased and downloaded from the online store, the developer is confident that 70% of the proceeds received. This can be a very cost effective than venture on the part of the application developer. Apart from the marketing support, iTunes offers the developer a bit of promotional activities can individually.

The iPhone development is safe, profits, not just the iPhone buyers, but also bring to the developers. It is better to offer an iPhone development company that provides customized applications can contact. If the application is tested to work on the iPhone platform, it is sure that you work on any iPhone. It is better to use the services of a professional, reliable and sent iPhone Development Company for the applications claim to be very helpful for your business.

In the nowadays, everybody tends to buy a tablet PC. However, there is a sea of Android tablet pc in the current tablet PC market. It is really a big question to choose one from them.

As a successful focus on the tablet computer market,it also follow the trend, and releases a wide selection of Android tablet pc. Here, it highly recommends one amazing MOMO8 8 Inch MID Dual Camera 3G Android 2.3 Touch Screen Tablet PC.

The cool tablet computer equipped with the latest Android 2.3 operating system. Consumers can enjoy the full functions of the cool OS. Besides, the computer comes with CPU Chipset: RK2918, Processor: Cortex-A8, Frequency: 1GHz, DDR3: 512 MB and a Storage: Build-in 4GB-16GB, TF card extendable 1GB-32GB. It believes such a powerful configuration will meet the demands of most consumers.

This cool MOMO8 Android tablet comes with capacitive multi-touch screen. No need to buy an extra compatible stylus pen, users can user finger to operate fluently. With its multi touch function, users can use fingers to slide, magnify, lessen the image and play interesting games.

The Built in Built-in Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g 11Mbps to 54Mbps, users can use WiFi to connect to the internet. Therefore, as long as there is hotspot, users can surf the internet wireless freely. It is cool and amazing. Just enjoy each trip with the cool tablet.

This Android 2.2 tablet PC supports external 3G optional. If customers ask for 3G function, then it will send you one with 3G. Therefore, users can enjoy the great joy of 3G experience.

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The MOMO8 equipped with high definition dual cameras. The front camera is 0.3MP and back camera is 2.0MP. So, no need to carry additional digital camera, users can use this cool slate pc to take beautiful images and landscapes, and can also record amazing videos.

Unlike iPad and iPad 2, the cool Android tablet supports Adobe Flash 10.1; it means users can appreciate flash according personal needs.

Moreover, the cool supports the hottest and fashion applications likeMore than 100,000 software is available. Besides, users can play wonderful 3D cars and a huge number of APK format games.

As a professional , it also provides other wonderful Android OS tablet PCs with most completive low price. Even with the low price, the quality of these China tablet PCs are high and stable guaranteed. What’s more, the fast free shipping service to worldwide is available. It will help consumers take an affordable and convenient online shopping experience in a safe way.


HTC Sensation XL

If from the name XL you thought that is a supersized phone literally, you almost got it right. The HTC Sensation XL offers a bigger 4.7 inch LCD screen as compared to its siblings from the HTC Sensation line. It however does have Beats Audio but takes a little downgrade in terms of hardware like a single core CPU and lower screen resolution. That should have managed to keep the price on a much more affordable region but is it going to be able to attract users with its huge screen? Read on to find out if it appeals to you.



Although the name suggests that it should be huge, much to the contrary, the phone only measure 5.2 x 2.78 x 0.39 inches thus actually making it thinner than its two siblings that were both 0.44 inch thick. In order to keep the phone at a reasonable size and still offer a huge screen, the HTC Sensation XL has a really narrow side bezel and the space above the screen is also very thin. Thanks to small design features such as these, the HTC Sensation XL fits well in your hand. However, we wouldn’t recommend operating this phone with just one hand unless there is nothing you would want to reach on about a quarter of the screen. The rounded corners as well as the tapered edges help give you a comfortable grip on the phone. The back of the phone is mostly made of aluminum plate which might sometimes be the reason for the phone to slip away. However, being aluminum comes with its own benefits as the phone’s weight is very evenly balanced thus keeping the phone from tipping over when you are operating it with one hand. Nevertheless, we would have still liked a quality soft touch plastic on the back like we had seen on the HTC Sensation XE.

Flip the phone and the two things that catch your attention on the back are the 8MP camera with dual LED flash – the same one in terms of numbers as we saw on the other phones in the HTC Sensation line – and the Beats logo. Speaking about the phone’s buttons, the power/lock button is located on the top while the volume rocker is on the right. Sadly though, we feel like you won’t be able to differentiate the keys from the chassis if you are not looking at them.



The HTC Sensation XL might only have a single core processor but its 1.5GHz Snapdragon S2 CPU is no slouch when it comes to performance. Yes you might realize some lag when trying to multi-task but otherwise it runs really smooth. The phone comes with 4GB of ROM for all your apps and also 8GB of internal memory. However, we are stopped at our tracks when we find that there’s no microSD slot for you to expand your memory. Nevertheless, there is an interim solution if you are willing to use Dropbox to keep an additional 5GB of stuff in cloud storage.


This phone ships with the latest HTC Sense 3.5 which runs atop the Android v2.3 Gingerbread. We are impressed as to how HTC has streamlined the HTC Sense so that it runs great even with the phone having a little less in terms of resources. Thanks to having the latest HTC Sense onboard, the HTC Sensation XL has a pretty good list of apps. We have the Notes app which is integrated to an online service called Evernote to provide you with one of the best note taking app we have seen so far. Tango – an app for video calling and IM – also comes together with the phone right out of the box. Tango allows you to stream video from your rear camera to your friends while you are on video with them which we find really cool. There is also the Dropbox app that we had mentioned earlier. It would definitely help give you more storage space if you are in desperate need of some. HTC Sense on this phone also comes with a separate Facebook chat app as well as Usage Monitor app. With Usage Monitor all the data on your mobile usage like talk time and messages sent and received are at your fingertips. About the UI itself, there are definitely some changes. For instance now you can dock icons to the side of the homescreen keeping the clock on the left as well.

Now to the main highlight of the phone, its 4.7 inch Super LCD screen. A huge screen is definitely something to like, but we are a little bit surprised why HTC decided to compromise on resolution as they only give 480 x 800 pixels for a mammoth screen like this one. This means having the smaller 4.3 inch screen on the HTC Sensation XE with a bigger resolution of 540 x 960 pixels sounds a lot better. Once you get over that however, HTC Sensation XL’s screen gives some good viewing angles plus amazing colors. Bring it out under the sunlight and you can still view the screen without much trouble.


The HTC Sensation XL gets a new camera app plus there are new features that were not found on the previous editions of the HTC Sensation like HDR and Panorama modes. Not only is there almost no wait time between photos, but the Panorama mode is probably the fastest among its rivals like Samsung and Sony Ericsson plus it’s really easy to use. However, the photos that we took with the 8MP shooter didn’t turn out very impressive. There were a few unfocused spots in the pictures and the color reproduction was also not up to standards. Photos also lack detail to a certain extent and noise is also evident in pictures. Indoors, the flash definitely helps but there is still quite a bit of noise. Video recording is done at 720p HD at a rate of 30fps but the videos lack detail and the microphones attract too much ambient noise.

When making calls, we could definitely hear what our friends are saying but sometimes it’s not very clear. However, they had no complains about how we sounded and that must be in part thanks to the noise cancelling microphones. The battery is not as big as the one on the HTC Sensation XE but the 1600mAH battery gives the HTC Sensation XL about a day or a little bit more without needing a recharge. This is great considering the larger screen.

Pros and Cons

The highlight of this phone has to be the mammoth 4.7 inch screen. It also sports the new HTC Sense 3.5 UI making the HTC Sensation XL look and work amazing even with a single-core CPU. It also comes with the iBeats headphones that we have come to love.

HTC disappointed us with the low resolution they decide to give this phone. Not having a memory card slot was also a downer. The camera should definitely have been better.



The HTC Sensation XL definitely has that large screen and could wow many. However with a drop in terms of hardware and still priced around the same region as phones with better specs, we would look at other phones before getting this one.