This is the principle behind many of the Research In Motionâ been? S (RIM) Smart Phones for many years. RIM is the maker of the Blackberry family of mobile and smart phones. This is probably the biggest reason why the corporate world, it attracts Blackberrys from other brands on the market.


But that will change with the introduction of the Blackberry Bold 9700th It sports a form factor that is unprecedented and in competition with other  brands while maintaining the properties for the Blackberry smartphones.known

This is a looker. It retains a few quirks of the original Bold, known stand-out as a character, and adds a few extras to give it a better appearance. First, it is made more compact, weighing only 89 grams and 109 mm in length, 60 mm in width and a depth of 14.1 mm. Definitely more manageable with only a pocket or small handbag.

The metal gray line around the edges that are actually made of plastic, is a metal-like brilliance and makes a more sophisticated look. The leather back, which is unusual for smartphones is still there today, but combined with modern elements of plastic and metal with the model name emblazoned across the top BOLD.The QWERTY-type back-lit keyboard is great for messaging and makes data entry much easier, especially for those who use email a lot. It has buttons and a comfortable and very accommodating dedicated trackpad for easy navigation. The change of the trackball on the trackpad also added to the leaner look by eliminating the effect of the bulge trackball.also sports a high resolution display for a vivid and realistic viewing experience. The 2.44â? Wide screen monitors up to 65,000 colors at 480 x 360 pixel color display. This is ideal for entertaining and watching videos, though the small screen to the optimization of your video experience.

Blackberry Bold 9700

A recent study showed that hinder most Blackberry users are men, while more iPhone users are women. While the iPhone comes about as a perfect accessory for the fashion conscious, the Blackberry has become synonymous with power dressing. But with the improved appearance of the new Bold, and its high functionality, we wonâ? T surprised to drag people in designer clothes and seeing his Blackberry Bold. For those who are caught up in suits, it is useful to see harm than flirting with a handsome Balckberry.

Apple Tablet PC market dominated become. The price of newly released Kindle Fire 7-inch Tablet PC is only 199 dollars. Although it still does not compare to iPad, it has already become a potential killer iPad.

judge its configuration, without a camera, integrated GPS, and 8G memory, half of them by iPad, discussions can fire only half the points of the iPad. Unlike software, it is only with the basic ones, which provided no means to compare it with Android. However, all those who are not so important.

Amazon has not indicated whether to ban the use of other e-book apps on Fire, like Hulu and Samsung. The Kindle has adopted a series of specific and relatively conservative strategy, and it is difficult to say whether his strategy is better or Android open.

Blackberry Bold 9700 -2

to toe in a market with 10-inch tablet laptop top is set busy, Kindle the fire of competition not only with new 10-inch models, but also previous ones faced 7 inches. In addition, Steve Jobs took the view that such products is doomed to failure, a mistake as soon as they are launched. Fire and Kindle is such a product. But a few weeks ago, when TouchPad was cleaned at 99 dollars, so it seemed that the price was very important factor, and Kindle is the use of low price. In fact, the costs for the latest model of the Kindle is far less than that of an iPad. Kindle fire is at only 199 dollars, while iPad set to 499. This means that mainstream consumers to make a comparison, and a wise choice for their needs and financial status. Kindle fire is not satisfactory enough in terms of hardware and software, but most people with tablet PC is not for video chats and make their films. Our mobile phones are usually equipped with GPS and Bluetooth is not no big thing today. So basically, fire is igniting economical and offer a higher price-performance ratio.

What is more, look after more than half of SMART notebook users most of its portability and they will not pay special attention to the protection. Some survey found that 35% used the Tablet PC users out in the bathroom. In this case, low price guarantee product will receive more popularity as a high-end ones. So they are half the price has already won the war, and the next step should be to open a new market.